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    Welcome to the website of weihui weixin machinery co., LTD       CN | 

    hot line:18530213900    0373-4293085 

    Contact us

    Enterprise: weihui weixin machinery co., LTD

    Telephone: 0373-4293085

    Phone: 18530213900 

    Email: [email protected]


    Address: xiantun industrial zone, weihui city section


    Insulation board

    Your current location: Home >> Products >> Piggery plank

    Insulation board

    • introduce

    Composite insulation board

    Composite material, durable and waterproof, non-slip

    Fast warming, bid farewell to cold pigs

    Long life high temperature heating wire, long life

    Bold steel wire, anti-bite

    Non-slip pattern, no burr

    Round corner,Avoid bumps

    High and low double gear, freely adjustable

    Product parameters

    Piglet insulation board

    Product name








    insulation board



    stainless steel

    Energy saving, non-slip, durable, safe

    Product advantages

    Improve the survival rate of young cubs

    Improve the weaning uniformity of piglets

    Improve the growth rate of suckling pigs

    Improve the gastrointestinal function of suckling pigs Protect the intestinal mucosa of piglets

    Prevent piglet dysentery and diarrhea

    Three-dimensional anti-skid design

    Electric hot plate shell anti-skid design,Prevent piglets from slipping and falling

    Imported alloy heating wire

    Cooling evenly warms up quickly

    Good thermal conversion performance

    long lasting

    Carbon fiber heating wire

    High temperature resistance, strong thermal capacity, long service life and high electrothermal conversion rate

    Thickened electric heating plate

    Reinforced thickened design, resistant to aging, corrosion, long service life

    Removable heating wire

    Replaceable heating wire design to avoid waste and reduce farming costs,Reduce farming costs

    Waterproof non-slip wear-resistant plastic

    Three-dimensional anti-skid lines and special plastics have excellent waterproof, non-slip and wear resistance

    Product use

    cooler box

    Metal bead

    Power cord, spring

    Electric insulation board

    Wooden mat

    Use with incubator,Better effect

    Place the insulation board in the incubator, turn on the power, turn the switch into high-grade preheating for half an hour to touch the electric heating plate or observe the piglet's young animal state, so as not to pile up, then switch the switch to the low gear (insulation file) No need to pursue high temperatures


    Only use 220V power supply, and 380V power supply is strictly prohibited.

    It is forbidden to punch holes, drill holes, etc. on the hot plate to prevent leakage;

    It is recommended to select the insulation board according to the size of the incubator to prevent small animals from biting;

    It is recommended to make double anti-bite protection measures around the insulation board and the power cord. """

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    Weihui Weixin Machinery Co., Ltd.

    Address: houhe town industrial zone, weihui city, henan province

    Telephone: 0373-4293085

    Phone: 18530213900 



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