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#80. Aircraft mechanic technology (tie)

- Early career pay: $42,300
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   k tn Requirements: Tons of extra education, including a law degree, must pass a state bar examinationAverage annual salary: $120,910Top annual earners: $10 million plusThe downside: Extremely competitive profession that requires several years of advanced schooling o l D

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#16. Occupational health and safety

- Early career pay: $50,200
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For example, I was managing a campaign which dealt with the seals in Canada. I was asked to review the script and make any changes I believed would enhance the donations to the non-profit. The initial script stated that the seal hunters were killing seal pups under 12 days old and the non-profit was asking for donations to stop this occurrence-this was the main statement in the script. No compassion ? no way the donor could identify with the non-profit or their cause.fU HExample – TechCrunchfJ e

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  - Mid-career pay: $73,400

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